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Mary Jo Kennard painting: Piano and Reflections

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Piano and ReflectionsParlor Historic Swedish HouseSaint Remy Sidewalk ProvenceFrom His StudioSalonShe Likes RothkoThe Guest RoomMemories Of Mayo CountyEntry With Six DoorwaysThe Tall WindowStockholm Stairway & ElevatorThe Collector’s RoomThrough the Old Log House Door Landscape and Shadowsstairs 2015Archsportal hommage to matisseYellow Dooryellow door with louversblue door checkered floordouble door with diagonalopen door looking in hommage to matisseRed Door WayOpen Door Looking Outfirst red door studio door at Dianasblue door blue roomEntre with Oscar's artfrom the red roominto the red roomDoor at Stone House/BeallairThe Conigliano Door